The Story
When two brothers decide to break the pattern and go all in, the term passion is very present. In fact it’s not even possible to describe their work without using that exact word. It’s always present whatever they talk about. Everything they do and decide is uncompromised down to the smallest details. Breaking new ground every day, even if its just small things, has become a big ingredient in their dish. Only the dead fish follow the stream.

Born and raised in a small town in the middle of Sweden but the mind was set in global mode from the early beginning. Nagging restlessness and curiosity fed the urge and the need to move on and explore the world. They looked under every rock, sucked in the vibes from visionaries around the globe. With a solid mix of passion for skiing, skateboarding, sailing, surfing and music combined with a well developed knowledge for craftsmanship and product development the dreams slowly started to take shape. Nearly a decade ago they started to talk about a new project, building skis. Could it be done?

First a couple of years with a lot of experimenting and some small batches of skis for customers who really wanted something special. And then in 2014 they suddenly felt that the stars aligned, it was time to go all in. By now they knew they hade a range of skis that was top of the line, they knew that they had the visions to make them even better. And most of all they knew people loved the skis.

During the last couple of years their reputation as a company with a strong underdog identity, a sky high service level, impeccable quality and sensational good performance in their skis, has grown well known all over the world. They are still a very small company in many aspects, but at the same time they are always willing to push the limits to see how far they can go.

Driven by the will to find even better materials and better shapes that can increase the skis performance and the satisfaction from the customers. And also, after nearly 10 years, they have the same simple but iconic graphic design concept that has become one of their trademarks. It’s spelled perseverance. Nowadays you can see this smooth design style on several mainstream brands, as well as several others of their inovations in the skis design. But who cares, deep inside they will always know who was in the front line. It’s called integrity and it’s about sleeping well at night.

What really strikes you when you enter their head quarter is the energy and the coolness. Everything is well organized, everything has it’s specific place although it’s a rather small space. It’s to maintain perfection they say, and it’s hard to argue against that. There are so many different materials, tools, workstations and everything is perfectly fitted. Every machine is tailored for it’s purpose, by them selves of course. There really is no other way. To be able to grow and in the end reach even more people they have to tweak every operation, and then again, and again. To be on max level every day, in every aspect.

This is their dream, and they want nothing more than to share it with passionate skiers around the globe, to see people be elevated by their pair of Soul skis. To hear people say that they in fact are better skiers now with a pair of Soul skis under their feet.
It’s a family affair, literally speaking.
Their history is your future.



Soul Skis AB
Fältspatsgatan 3
421 30 Västra Frölunda

Kristian Berggren
Sales & Marketing
+46 723 191910

Martin Nowotny
King of engineering
+46 723 151911


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