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As winter approaches in Australia and New Zealand it feels great to have Soul represented over there by Blackbird Bespoke Ski Co ( www.blkbrd.ski ). Check out their web page for demo dates, how to order and contact info.
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What colour is YOUR Soul


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    Wear it like a perfect suit.
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The future is history…

We started our journey around 2008 in the garage. Now it’s 2016 and we have built our own little factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is where we manufacture handmade skis. Full time, every day. This is something pretty unique in Scandinavia. To be honest, we are the only brand here who does it this way. It started as an experiment driven by the passion for skiing and the will to challenge the traditional ways to produce skis. And today, we are still driven by the same things but with a line up of world class skis. Skis with performance and a unique feeling. Skis with materials that may be luxuary for other brands, but standard for us.

Soul Skis is two brothers grown up in a small town in the middle of Sweden but with a mother born in Austria. With a background in product development and design we have always had the philosophy to give the skier a unique feeling with handmade skis and top notch performance. Always with a humble attitude but with the mind set on No Compromises. Our customer base is growing as we sell more and more skis and now we’re even ready to enter some new markets. Right now we’re represented in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland but have customers from all over the world. For season 16/17 we will have 11 different models in the line up. Two of these are the brand new Touring 106 and Touring 96. Really light weight skis but still with the focus on true downhill performance.

We will continue to be the underdogs that we are today, but small and strong rather than big and weak. We use our flexibilaty and innovation power to do what shouldn’t be possible. Because we can and because we want to. Do you want to be a part of our family?

Never stand still,
Kristian & Martin

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Dress your Soul


A classic snapback baseball cap with flat brim. Look good every day. 30€



T-shirt to make sure you show your true Soul. New graphics every mounth.




For questions or further information on how to buy, please contact us.

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